2016 Reflections: Highlights of a Home Decor Startup

My, how time flies when you are having fun (and working your buns off!) 

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I started this crazy adventure called Narrative. Last January, I was just another frustrated executive and exhausted mom searching for meaning in my work and balance in my life.

Fueled by an unshakeable belief in the power of creative expression and a deep delight in homes with personality, I set about building a new kind of business. A business with home and family at it’s core. One in which customers drive the design of responsibly sourced and locally produced products. A business filled with heart, where personalized products and corporate giving programs provide people with a chance to unleash their creativity.

I’ll be the first to admit, these are some lofty goals! And we have only just begun the incredible journey of realizing this vision. But I am so incredibly proud of the scrappy Narrative team and our excellent partners for how far we have come in the past twelve months. 

Before we dive in to all of the excitement 2017 is sure to bring, I thought it worth taking a moment to reflect on some of the highlights of 2016. I hope you will join me on this walk down memory lane. And perhaps find inspiration to celebrate milestones of your own!

To our tribe of customers and followers, thank you so very much for your support. You are the story tellers that give Narrative meaning. 


Narrative Decor 2016 Reflections of a Home Decor Startup



Hi Marcia, Thanks for your support! We would love to collaborate with you on transforming your ice storm photo into something great! You can send it to me directly at kara@narrativedecor.com and I will follow up with suggested next steps.

Marcia Scurfield

Congratulations on a successful launch year! I have a photo I just took of the ice storm that might make a good (something). How can I send it to you?

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