Not the Nicest House on the Block : Confessions of Meaningful Design

Neighborhood Houses on a Block

I may never be accused of having the nicest house on the block, or the trendiest taste for interior design or even the best sense of personal style. But without a doubt, I know my home tells a story.

At every turn you will find some memento from my family’s travels, or a treasure from a local artist, or a piece of lovingly refinished furniture. Behind just about every item, is a tale of how it came to be in our home and why it holds a special place in our hearts.

There is nothing quite like walking in the door and having that sense of "ahh, here is where I belong" wash over you. Whether we recognize it or not, we feed off the energy of the things around us. And it matters not how expensive or stylish is our home decor, what matters is how meaningful.

I encourage you to take a break, every now and again, from looking at other peoples’ design concepts. Instead, spend time reflecting on your own stories. The stories of where you’ve been…who you love…what inspires you…

These are the very stories that your home longs to tell.   

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