Donate As You Decorate: Narrative's Giving Program Supporting Youth Arts Education

If you’ve followed the Narrative story from the beginning, you probably know that my daughters were a big motivating factor in starting this company. I wanted to show them by example that you can build a business driven by meaning and purpose. In the most direct way, Narrative does this by giving our customers a new way to memorialize the special moments and artistry in their lives. But as a company, we want serve a broader community than just our wonderful customer base. And so, I am pleased to introduce the beginning of Narrative’s corporate giving program.

At Narrative, we believe creative expression is integral to a well-lived life. And we know that the seeds of creativity sprout at a young age. Unfortunately, not all children have access to the arts through local schools. To do our small part in broadening creative exposure for future generations, Narrative will align on an on-going basis with select non-profit organizations benefiting youth arts education.

I am very excited to announce our inaugural charitable partnership with Outside the Lens, a San Diego based nonprofit whose mission is to empower youth to use photography and digital media to create change within themselves, their community and their world. This holiday season, Narrative will donate 20% of all proceeds to support transformative youth photography, filmmaking and digital media programs at Outside the Lens (OTL). We are also partnering with OTL’s talented elementary, middle and high school student’s to create limited edition décor items showcasing their works. Check back often for new pieces!

I hope you will join us in our quest to help people of all ages unleash their creativity. Get started today by donating as you decorate!


 Jump Rope, Photo by Elle, Grade 7, OTL Summer Outreach Program 

Outside the Lens Student Photo Titled Jump Rope

Jump Rope Lampshade by Narrative

Narrative Decor Handmade Fine Art Lampshade Benefitting Arts Education


Road is Life, Photo by Hrvoje, Grade 11, OTL Cameras Across Cultures Bosnia-Herzegovina

Road is Life Photograph by 11th Grade OTL Student Part of Narrative Decor NonProfit Alliance

Road is Life Lamp by Narrative

Narrative Decor Handmade Fine Art Lamp Benefitting Arts Education



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