Easy Makeovers for Modern Halloween Decorations

Do you feel like your Halloween decor is stuck in a rut? Or, are you just getting started decorating for the spookiest night of the year? Either way, you may have noticed that traditional Halloween decorations tend to fall into one of two camps, which I will term: "oh-so-cutesie" and "way-too-scary"?

In an effort to fill the gap and bring you ideas that are both sophisticated and simple, I've rounded up a few of my favorite Halloween decoration makeovers. Each design uses tried-and-true Halloween decor basics, but gives them a modern twist. Follow the links for additional details on how to decorate your way to a spooktacular Halloween!


Pumpkin Makeover
Whether you are a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan or not, nothing symbolizes Fall and Halloween as much as the iconic pumpkin. But how to turn this bright orange fruit into sophisticated and modern decor? Paint, my friends! Whether you splatter it, drip it or stencil it, you can easily create striking pumpkin decorations that look just perfect in your stylish home. 


Splatter Painted Pumpkins Halloween Decoration from Narrative


Modern Metallic Drip Pumpkins Halloween Decor from Narrative


Modern Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece Design Inspiration from Narrative Decor


Spiderweb Makeover
Spooky, messy, fabulous...whatever your take on spiderwebs, they are a fast and affordable store bought Halloween decoration. To elevate the stretchy threads from background blah to statement decor, all it takes is a little focus. Instead of spreading your spiderwebs all over the house, try concentrating them in one spot. Spotlight your webs against one dark window or drape them over a piece of furniture to create instant Halloween glam.


Narrative Decor Bixby Bridge Lampshade Halloween Decor
Bixby Bridge Lampshade by Narrative Decor


Halloween decoration Spiderweb Couch Modern design from Narrative Decor


Balloon Makeover
Who says balloons are just for birthdays? With the right treatment, you can blow up the Halloween fun with these decorations. Try a helium balloon, wrapped in netting to create a floating specter. Or fill the fireplace with friendly ghost balloons. Keep the color palette classic black and white for chic Halloween decor in no time.


Spooky Ballon Halloween Decoration Ideas from Narrative Decor
photo by Hipster Mum, via Poppy Talk


Halloween Mantle with Bats and Fireplace Ballon Ghosts from Narrative Decor


Tree Branch Makeover
Found objects can make for some of the easiest decorations. Look no farther than the backyard for tree branches to fill out your Halloween decor. Paint them black or leave them au-naturale. Add some candles, ravens or bats to the mix and you've got decorations that double as modern art!


Modern Halloween Branch Centerpiece Decor Ideas from Narrative


Raven Branches Halloween Decoration Ideas from Narrative Decor


Modern Halloween Wall Decor Ideas from Narrative



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