High Drama at Home with Black and White Upholstery

Black and White Chair with Sunflower Fields Pillow from Narrativedecor.com

Photo via Narrative

This weekend was one of those jam-packed extravaganzas that only happens in summer...filled with a play date, BBQ, pool party and outdoor concert. So much fun, of course, but also a bit stressful and exhausting for a family with two little ones who ended up skipping naps. I won't lie, we had our share of tears and threats and bribery just to make it to each event (always running at least 30 minutes late!). On our frantic way out the door Sunday evening to concert in the park, my precocious five-year-old summed it all up with, "We are a dramamama family."

My husband and I shared a moment of shocked silence, before bursting into laughter. She nailed it! We are a family of high drama. We love to laugh and to adventure. We share lots of cuddles, daily off-key singing and questionable dance moves. We yell more than I would wish and cry more than I thought possible (at least those of us under 6). And while I sometimes despair about how much easier things would be with a more even-keeled existence, I also recognize that drama is just a part of our DNA. My family shares an appetite for chaos and an enthusiasm for excitement. And while this may be tiring and stressful at times, it also keeps life very interesting!

And so, inspired by my daughter's dramamama, I found an interior design trend that shares our family's yin and yang...Black and White Upholstery. Graphic black and white fabrics can transform any piece of furniture into a stunning statement piece. This decor combination creates high contrast while maintaining high sophistication. You can pair bold black and white pieces with neutral backgrounds or accent them with bright pops of color. Either way, you are sure to bring high drama home when decorating with black and white upholstery. Hopefully, without any tears included!    


Black and White Plaid Sofa with Photograph

Photo via Studio McGee

Black and White Ikat Upholstered Loveseat

Photo via Decoist

Side Chairs Upholstered in Half Black, Half White Fabric

Photo via Milanesegal

Black and White Striped Sofas with Fireplace

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Mid Century Chair Upholstered with Black and White Photograph from NarrativeDecor.com

Photo via Narrative

Black and White Striped Couch with Colorful Gallery Wall

Photo via Domino Magazine

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