Thoughtful Gift Giving: Personalized Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

Personalized Holiday Gift Guide that Show You Planned Ahead

If you are anything like me, holiday shopping angst is beginning to creep into consciousness. Now, I'm no Scrooge. It's not that I dislike gift giving. It's just that the pressure of weeding through so much stuff to find presents my loved ones will actually want feels daunting. And if you multiply that problem by 26 (the number of people in my immediate family for whom I buy gifts every season...yes, this will be a topic of a future post!), shopping for Christmas and Hanukah gifts becomes downright overwhelming. (My family celebrates both holidays...again fodder for a future blog.) 

Throughout the years I've attempted various strategies for managing gift giving anxiety: buying early, waiting until the last minute, attempting DIY, settling for gift cards, etc., etc. What I've discovered is that with the exception of cash for teenaged recipients, the most appreciated gifts are those that come from the heart. Presents embedded with meaning always stand out.

How to find those unique, thoughtful gifts for friends and family? You can't go wrong with something personalized. Custom items that reflect a loved one's interests, capture their personality or celebrate their individuality are guaranteed to get a reaction! I'm not talking about the photo mugs and monogrammed towels of yester-year. Today, we have access to a plethora of high quality, customizable gifts that are both modern and timeless.

To give you a head start on holiday shopping, I've collected a few of my favorite personalized gift ideas for every member of the family. I hope you'll share your reactions and other gifting suggestions in the comments below. Here's to happy holiday shopping! 

  1. Dainty Name Ring by IvoryMR, $21
  2. Custom Square Photo Clock by Narrative, $68
  3. Wooden Name Puzzle by Smiling Tree, $24
  4. Round Copper Tray by Mark and Graham, $129
  5. Hand Engraved Hammer by Cove Calligraphy, $36
  6. Custom Organic Canvas Photo Pillow by Narrative, $98
  7. City Map Glass by Uncommon Goods, $14




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