Longest Day of the Year: 3 Home Decorating Tips for Summer

Inspired by the Summer Solstice, I thought I’d share a few seasonal decorating tips. Summer is a time of family, play, travel, sunshine and celebration. What could be better influences for décor?! 

Boho Plants in Room

 Photo via The Jungalow

Landscape Photo Lampshade in Room

Photo via Narrative

Tip 1: Bring the beautiful outdoors in. Incorporate nature into your design in a way that celebrates the vibrancy of the season. Be literal, using plants to add new life to a space. Or, for a lower maintenance option, consider integrating nature photographs into your decor. Go bold by sharing vivid landscapes in unexpected places like a custom photo lampshade.


Colorful Pillows on Leather Couch

Photo via Paper & Stitch

Bright abstract art and Throw Pillows

Photo via DesignLoveFest

Tip 2: Mix up your pillows. Swapping out last year’s throws for a fresh mix of bright pillows can make a whole room feel new. Don’t be afraid to combine colors, patterns and textures, as summer is all about having fun!


Set of Two Framed Cactus Photos

Photo via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Custom Travel Photograph on Clock

 Photo via Narrative

Tip 3: Brighten your walls by commemorating a favorite summer vacation. Consider framing photographs or art from your travels, creating a custom photo clock, hanging camp flags, or displaying other travel mementos. Just gazing at your wall will inspire you with memories of vacations past and get you excited for those yet to come. 

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