Spice up Your Home with New Hot Peppers Dining Chairs

Maybe it’s the unusual rainy, cool weather we’ve been experiencing in San Diego. Or maybe it’s a post-Christmas/New Year/ Valentine’s holiday let down. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that my entire family has been down with illness for the past three weeks. Whatever the cause, I’ve been feeling restless and  a wee bit “blah” recently.

Over the years, I’ve learned when this icky-feeling sets in, I have two options: wallow or fight back. And while I’m not one to dismiss the restorative power of reading novels in bed for a day-or-two, this week I decided to get moving instead. And what does getting moving mean when you are a home décor designer? Well, a little redecorating and furnishings experimentation of course!

I’ll share the results of my on-going redecorating itch once I’m a bit farther along in execution. But for now, I couldn’t wait to give you a preview of my current cure for the winter doldrums...hot peppers! Yep, you read that right. I discovered that a few strategically placed hot peppers can add just the right amount of spice to you life. A little pop of fun to lift your spirits and bring the heat back to your home.

Confused? Just take a look at the new Narrative Hot Peppers Dining Chair. Combining mid century modern design with rich walnut wood and vibrant fabric featuring one of our signature fine art photos...I hope you’ll agree that spice is most definately nice!   

 Mid Century Modern Wood Bistro Chairs Upholstered with Hot Peppers Fabric


Mid Century Modern Wood Bistro Chair Upholstered with Hot Peppers Fabric



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