Hometown Proud Design: An Introduction to San Diego Makers

San Diego Made Product Collage
They call San Diego "America's Finest City." While I can't speak to every US destination, I have resided in the midwest and on both coasts...and I can say without a doubt that I adore life in sunny SD! 
It's hard to pinpoint San Diego culture. And that may be one of the things I like most about this town. San Diego is inherently laid back. Each neighborhood has it's own unique personality, with diversity accepted as a way of life. Surf, sand, sun and fun rule. People work to live and not the other way around.
That said, San Diego is home to some amazingly creative enterprises, including exciting new makers in the design and home décor space. Here is a roundup of a few of my favs. These brands represent the best of local style elements: comfortable, casual, and clean with just the right dash of California cool. Of course, Narrative makes the list...that's my hometown story, after all. Hope you enjoy and please come visit!

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