How Decorating with Nature Photographs Can Boost Your Mood

Koi Fish swimming in Pond

Do you ever feel like you are swimming around in circles? Happens to the best of us and when you're growing a new business, it seems to happen almost daily!

When I'm stuck, I've found that going outside - even for just a few minutes - helps me clear my head and re-energize. There is something about fresh air and the sun's caress that makes everything feel rejeuvenated. Can't make it outside? Try spending a few moments gazing at photographs of nature. Incorporate some of your favorite outdoor photos into your home or office to create your own indoor oasis. Reflecting on travel memories or inspiring landscapes can lift your mood and keep you motivated.

And if all else fails, try taking advice from the all-wise Dory (you know, Nemo's pal?), "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" Progress is made one stroke at a time.


Staircase Landing with Closeup Photo of Water

Photo via Amber Interiors

Entryway with Bench and Ocean Photograph

Photo via MyDomaine

Desk with Landscape Photos on Desktop Computers

Photo via UltraLinx

Office Space with Full Wall Photo of Mountains

Photo via OfficeSnapshots

Desk with Mid Century Chair Upholstered with Koi Pond Photo

Photo via Narrative

Photo of Grass above Living Room Couch

Photo via  A Cup of Jo


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