Life in Color: 4 Design Tips for Decorating with Painted Walls

I guess you could say I'm a colorful person. Just a tad on the expressive side. My emotions light up my face like a movie theatre marquee. When I feel strongly about something (which is most of the time), words tend to spill out of my mouth like Niagara Falls, soaking anyone in my path. So, when it comes to home decorating, is it any wonder I am drawn to walls painted in color? 

Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate a crisp white background as much as the next person. White walls have become the go-to approach for interior designers. Such a bright, neutral palette provides a striking backdrop for art collections, modern furniture and luxury fabrics. And it's a trend that us everyday decor lovers have adopted in droves. In recent years, you can hardly open an Instagram gallery, Pinterest board, or blog post without being blinded by bright white walls offsetting picture perfect interior styling. (And yes, I've been guilty of a white wall or two myself. No shame in it!) 

But here's the thing...when it comes down to it, I'm just not that into perfect home styling or stark interior design. I'm inspired by life in color. Where all of the energy, depth and vibrancy of the world around me is reflected in my home. Where my home showcases my colorful personality and invites guests to share their own.

So you can imagine my joy when I started to notice the design world's subtle shift away from all that white, white sameness and into the rainbow Land of Oz. If ever you were considering taking the plunge to slap some color on your walls, now is the time to start painting! To get you in a colorful mood, here is a selection of Autumn appropriate decorating palettes matched up with four design tips for maximizing the impact of painted walls in any season.

Deep Teal Painted Wall with Gallery Art and Modern Sofa 

 Photo via West Elm on Instagram

Black Painted Bohemian Gallery Wall

Photo via Eclectic.Leigh on Instagram (Narrative Custom Photo Pillow)

Tip 1: Dark, rich hues provide excellent contrast for a gallery wall to make art and photographs pop.


Arched Windows Sunburst Mirror Console Design

Photo via Summer Thornton Design

Gray Living Room with Yellow Green Decor Accessories

Photo via Homepolish

Tip 2: Mixing warm (red, orange, yellow, brown) and cool (green, blue, purple, gray) tones on walls and accessories creates a sophisticated, layered look.


Bedroom with rich brown walls, white bedding and Narrative Mid Century Koi Chair

Photo via Narrative (Koi Pond Chair)

Navy Blue Family Room with Built in Bookshelves and White Woodwork

Photo via Park & Oak

Tip 3: When using dark paint on your walls, white woodwork and accent furnishings keep the room feeling bright.


Eclectic Navy Blue Library with Painted Woodwork an Built in Bookshelves

Photo via Decorist

White Masculine Bedroom with Navy Painted Ceiling

Photo via Lonny 

Tip 4: To really make a statement, think beyond your walls by adding colored paint to moldings, ceilings, or even floors. 

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