Radio Silence: WHY So Quiet Around Here?

Narrative Decor Founder Kara Greenwell Holding Daughter

I have a confession to make...I lost my WHY. You may have noticed it's been awfully quiet at Narrative recently (or not, because of course you have your own busy, stressful life to manage!). In all candor, there has been a lot of soul searching going on behind the scenes. If I were trying to boil things down to the essential (and I am), I would confess we've been flailing in too many directions: trying to do too many things and delight too many people, without staying focused on WHY we do what we do.

So, in the spirit of end of year reflection, the time has come to ponder my WHY... 

WHY did I start Narrative? Because I fundamentally believe everyone can and should tell their story at home. Home is a haven. It's the safe place that welcomes you no matter where you've been or what you've been going through. Home is the refuge you can count on to hold fast to your memories and to nurture your dreams. It is where you get to be you, surrounded by the people and things you most treasure. 

WHY do I create? Making things is hard. For 20 years I marketed things other people made. I was comfortable presenting and writing and even selling someone else's dream. And while I earned a good salary, prestigious degrees and even the odd accolade, I never felt fulfilled. Because when it comes down to it, I've always longed to create. Making something from scratch is scary! It is terrifying to start with nothing but a picture in your head and attempt to make it real. But WOW - when it happens - when you see your vision come to life, nothing is more inspiring. I long to feel this inspiration in my own life and to spread it was far and wide as I can. Everyone deserves to experience the spark of joy that comes from creating something beautiful and meaning-filled.

WHY do I keep getting in my own way? I'm a perfectionist. With too much education. Overcomplicating is in my bones. Whenever things feel hard, I tend to fall back on my academic training and try to problem solve to death. I attended state university on an academic scholarship, because that's what my parents told me I was supposed to do. I went into business after graduation because that's what the adults around me said I was supposed to do. Then I got an MBA from Harvard, because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. And guess what? What "you are supposed to do" DOES NOT necessarily work...for me, for my business, or for you! 

WHY do you care? You may not. And that's perfectly ok. But just in case you read this far and are actually interested in what goes on behind the scenes here at Narrative, I thought it was time to open up. As the intro to my favorite OG binge-watching show said, the time is right to "Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real." By sharing my truth, maybe, just maybe, you will be motivated to do a little digging into your own heart too. 

So, that's it. It's time for me and for Narrative to start getting real. From now on, it's less business plan and more inspiration. It's fewer "supposed to's" and many more "want to's." It's a laser-like focus on beautiful, quality, products that will light up your homes and hearts simultaneously. It's back to WHY...

Every Home Should Tell a Story. What's yours?












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