Meaningful Design: 3 Tips for Displaying Family Photos in a Modern Way

Incorporating family photographs into your decor is tricky business. On the one hand, it can be heartwarming to fill your house with reminders of people you hold dear...on the other, too many personal photos can create visual clutter and feel fussy or out-of-date.

But don't let current design trends hold you back from enjoying cherished memories at home! By carefully curating your images and display approach, you can decorate with family photographs in a modern way. To help you discover your own perfect balance of personalization and style, here are three tips for integrating family photos into your decor.


Custom Fine Art Black and White Photo Pillow by Narrative Decor

Photo via Eclectic.Leigh (Custom Photo Pillow by Narrative)

Large Scale Kid Photograph Wall Art in Modern Family Room

Photo via Chris Loves Julia

Old Black and White Family Photo Statement Wall Art

Photo via Little Green Notebook

Tip 1: Black and White is Always Nice

Going back to basics may just be the easiest way to translate family photos into art. Black and white images have long been a staple of fine art photographers and your favorite candids need be no different. Whether your original pic was taken in full color or in black and white, today you have the option to go monochrome with either. Most smart phones come equipped with black and white filters and any digital image can be adjusted to black and white using Photoshop or a similar editing software. The best part about black and white photos as home decor, they compliment just about any room, against any color and on any surface!


    Large Scale Family Photo Gallery Wall on Staircase

    Photo via A Cup of Jo

    Symmetrical Gallery Wall of Color Family Photos in Dining Room

    Photo via Becki Owens

    Staircase Gallery Wall with Family Photos by Emily Henderson

    Photo via HGTV, design by Emily Henderson

    Tip 2: The More the Merrier 

    The impact of framed photographs seems to amplify based on quantity. Displaying photos in groups elevates individual framed images to create a powerful wall of statement art. To make your arrangement appear modern, maintain consistency among pieces, be it in size, faming, color scheme, subject matter or better yet, all of the above! Or if you prefer a more free-spirited, Bohemian look, throw the rules out the window and try a gallery wall with varied frame sizes, colors and layout.


        Custom Photo Desk Clock by Narrative Decor

        Photo and Custom Clock via Narrative

        Hallway Wallpaper Made from Black and White Family Photos

        Photo via The Idea Room

        Modern Lamp with Custom Photo Lampshade by Narrative Decor

        Photo and Custom Lampshade via Narrative

        Tip 3: Pop Up in Unexpected Places

        It's easy enough to put a photograph inside a frame, but how about updating your home office desktop with a custom photo clock accessory? Or creating a bold, graphic wallpaper out of family pictures?  Or styling your child's dresser with a mod lamp and custom photo lampshade?  Shifting your perspective on where and how to display family photographs can make all the difference for executing personal, yet modern, design. 

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