The Devil Made Me Do It: 5 Tips for Decorating with Collections

Display Collection of International Masks

Photo via Narrative

When my husband first picked out a devilish-looking mask on vacation in Mexico 12 years ago, I said "No way is that thing coming home with us!" Now here we are - 4 cities, 3 houses and 2 kids later - and our mask collection has become one of my favorite decorating statements. The visual impact of this motley crew of international masks pacts a punch. Hanging together, they also fill an odd shaped space in our crazy 1880's house. But far more importantly, each mask on the wall tells a story. A story of where we've been and the incredible adventures we've shared. 

If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to seek out your own devilish inspiration and get started building a collection. Find something that speaks to you. Seek it out. Give it time. And make a place for your finds.

I promise that as your collection builds, so too will your appreciation of the memories it evokes. To help you down the path of decorating with your own collection, here are a few tips and bits of inspiration I've gathered. 

Collection of Antique Globes on Tabletop

 Photo via Country Living

Tip 1: Create a grouping on a table or a couple of shelves. Combine like objects of varied sizes, shapes or colors. Give them a common ground to call home. And feel your heart soar each time you gaze upon your treasured collection holding it's place of honor.


Display Wall of Magnets

Photo via HGTV

Tip 2: Forget the rules. Ignore the box. Thought magnets were supposed to go on the refrigerator? Think again! Try grouping your favorite collectibles in unexpected places. With smaller objects, like magnets, dedicate a large display area for maximum impact. 


Collection of Hammers Hanging on Wall

Photo via Decor8

Tip 3: Think vertical. Magnets aren't the only things that can stick to wall. Try displaying your three dimensional objects hanging in a cluster. This creates a gallery wall out of sculptural elements sure to intrigue.


Shelves Displaying Collection of Antique Blue Bottles

Photo via Narrative

Tip 4: Group objects by color. Establish cohesion and visual impact by focusing your display on pieces with similar colors. Showcase brightly colored items against a white backdrop for maximum wow factor!


Wall Display of Antique Bricks

Photo via Architectural Digest

Tip 5: Be uniform. If you have a collection of similarly sized objects, embrace the consistency. Create a modern work of art by displaying your finds in a clean and graphic pattern. As with any well-loved collection, the decorating effect of the whole group becomes much more impactful than the sum of its parts.


What are you waiting for? Get started collecting. Experiment with decorating. But always remember...what matters most is what matters most to you. Have fun! Express yourself! The results will be amazing! 

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