White Rooms with Personality: Creative Interior Design Inspiration for the Modern Home

In the non-so-distant past I wrote a rather strongly worded post about my desire to live a colorful life. Of course, this affinity for vibrancy is evident throughout my home, where richly colored paint adorns most every wall (and several ceilings) and the rest of the space is filled with books, art and souvenirs from our travels. To me, all the color and mementos make a house warm and welcoming. Someplace that feels like home and not just a showroom of the latest interior design trends.

That said, I’ve recently noticed my drawn to rooms with a simpler vibe. Crisp white spaces with clean lines and lots of light that make you feel as if you’ve just taken a giant breath of fresh air. Perhaps I’m inspired by January. The start of a new year evokes in me a desire for a clean slate. And what could be more refreshing than adding lightness to your home? 

In an attempt at open mindedness (something else that seems much needed in these politically tumultuous times), I decided to do a complete 180 and explore the virtues of all white decor. My goal is to pinpoint techniques for making bright white rooms feel welcoming. And so here they are, design tips for creating interiors with personality using white decor in any room...

Romantic White Bedroom with Canopy Bed and Wood Floors

Photo via CocoCozy, designer Katty Schiebeck 

White Bedroom with Fur Blanket and Drum Ceiling Light

Photo via My Scandinavian Home

In the Bedroom: Here’s the spot to double down on all white decor. Create a romantic oasis by complementing white walls with white furniture and textiles. Use luxe fabrics and a couple of statement furniture pieces (bed frame, nightstand, lighting) to keep the space interesting and inviting.

White Minimalist Dining Room Black Chairs and Wood Floor

Photo via Design*Sponge

White Bohemian Style Dining Room with Turquoise Rug

Photo via IndieBungalow

In the Dining Room: High contrast creates high drama. Offset white walls with restrained use of bold accessories in one or two contrasting colors. Chairs, rugs and wall art are all good places to incorporate color. A black and white palette creates a sophisticated space, while an unexpected pop of vibrancy, like turquoise, makes the room more playful.


All White Kitchen with Gold Ceiling Pendants and Modern Bar Stools

Photo via Decoholic, designer Nicole David

White Boho Kitchen with Exposed Beams and Farmhouse Sink

Photo via La Dolce Vita, designer Jean Stoffer

In the Kitchen: This is a room where all white decor is expected. But with warm wood floors and a few unique accents, you can transform a sterile white kitchen into the heart of your home. Invest in dramatic overhead lighting, eye-catching bar stools or a statement making rug to elevate your kitchen design.


White Living Room with Colorful Pillows Blue Couch and Pink Rug

Photo via Sugar and Cloth

White and Black Living Room Family Room Marble Coffee Table Moroccan Rug

Photo via Homey Oh My

In the Living Room: Just go for it! Here’s the room to play with your white backdrop. Explore extremes. Whether that means rainbow bright accents or monochrome restraint, fill this space with furniture and accessories that make you smile. By including a variety of materials (leather, velvet, marble, shag, metal), some eye-catching art, and a few strategically placed plants, you can be sure to create a welcoming space for friends and family to gather.

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