Why Handmade Matters

Narrative Founder Kara Greenwell Hand Making a Lampshade

There has been a lot of hype in recent years about the "Maker Movement" and "Makers Fairs." A new wave of attention has been given to goods that are "Made by Hand" or "Handcrafted." Is this all just a hipster phenomenon or some clever marketing scheme?

Not even close.

The reality is that artists and hobbyists have been getting their hands dirty since the beginning of time. For those of us that feel compelled to create, the very act of bringing a vision to life with your own two hands is close to sacred. But beyond inspiring intense personal gratification for the craftsman, handmade goods support the creative spirit in us all. Here's how...

Handmade Shares Rich History

The traditions of hand crafting are passed down from generation to generation. Whether learned from a mother, a boss, or a YouTube tutorial, the skills of hand making are cumulative. When you purchase a handmade good, you are supporting the talents and techniques of not just one artisan, but of the many who came before and the countless more to follow.  

Handmade Delivers Unmatched Quality

There is no mechanized replacement for the eye of an artisan. The instinct for composition, the attention to detail, the exactitude of finishing touches - all are markers of a maker's dedication to her craft. These are also the attributes that render each handmade item truly unique. By very definition, a made-by-hand creation is one-of-a-kind. Such singular quality and thoughtful craftsmanship are the hallmarks of handcrafted goods. 

Handmade Reflects True Heart

There is little doubt that every craftsman leaves a bit of themselves in each piece they create. But you know what else? As an owner, you can also find a bit of yourself in each handmade good you bring home. That's because items made from hand are imbued with soul. Handcrafted goods inherently reflect the touch and intent of their creator. And when you are drawn to buy such an item, you connect with the the heart that went into its creation.

At Narrative, we are passionate supporters of the handmade. We know your home deserves decor with handcrafted history, quality and heart. That's why all of our furnishings are hand finished by local artisans in San Diego. We make this investment in craft to ignite the sparks of creativity from our home to yours.    





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