California Designers of Statement Lighting and Custom Decor

Headshot of Narrative Founder KaraI'm Kara - a marketer, mother, traveler, and home decorating enthusiast. After years of telling stories about other peoples' brands in the corporate world, I felt a growing sense of disillusionment. I longed to show my two young daughters that the right kind of work can both inspire you and lead you to inspire others.

I considered the things that touch my soul: exploring a new city, my daughters' smiles, a celebration with friends, any adventure with my husband. But how could these moments - these glimpses of life lived fully - ever translate into a profession? 

My breakthrough came on the heels of yet another marathon phone call with my photographer sister. I realized that photos bear witness to all the experiences I find so moving. What if I could help others savor their memories by re-imagining favorite photographs? I loved the idea of dusting off far-too-often forgotten images and transforming them into physical reminders of cherished places, moments and people. 

And so I leapt. Quit my corporate job and jumped in to the hard work of building a company that would deliver meaning in every product. I started Narrative for me, for my daughters, and for all the people who long to tell their own story. 

Designing in sunny San Diego since 2015, my team and I are dedicated to creating high quality, photo inspired décor. We seek to empower each person to unleash your unique creativity into the place you call home. Let's set our memories loose, unlock our digital archives and bring our pictures into the open. 

Narrative...every home should tell a story.